Refrigeration and thermo-refrigeration

RH/Cacronym identifies the refrigerators for fluids manufactured by P.G.V. and it is the perfect equipment when
fluids at set temperatures constant in time are required for cooling the production processes. They can be placed
both indoor and outdoor the premises, and are equipped with a control panel, controlled by a microprocessor,
which enables the visual control of operations and anomalies as well, through its “check up” function.

The combination of experience and technology has made it possible to create machines equipped with dual
functionality, refrigeration and thermoregulation, both of which work autonomously. Thermo-refrigerators find
their ideal use in the control of production processes where there are very wide temperature ranges. This
particular equipment is designed and manufactured by P.G.V. on specific request, thus satisfying the needs of
each individual customer.

Energy-saving refrigeration systems
Free-cooling systems are the right answer of P.G.V. for the respect of the environment, in fact, to cool the
surrounding environment exploits the temperature difference with the outside. The systems with free-cooling
system are ideal in all those cases in which it would be necessary to cope with cooling with fluids at temperatures
of about +15/+20 ° C; thanks to free-cooling systems, however, it is possible to exploit the favorable
environmental conditions of temperature at certain times of the year.


Our machines are equipped with electronic boards for data management, manipulation and monitoring 

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